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13 June 2007 @ 12:11 pm
01-03 | Gerard Pique
04-09 | Giuseppe Rossi
10-11 | Chris Eagles
12-13 | Jonathan Spector
14-15 | Parma (Dessena, Cigarini)
16-17 | Real Zaragoza (Zapater, Lafita)
18-19 | Man Utd youngsters (Hewson, Fagan, Eckersley Jr.)
20 | Pique again

Attention, the whole stuff was made by chumy, not me.
Credit and enjoy. Comments are ♥

( here )
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30 May 2007 @ 06:16 am
Giuseppe ('Joe Red' as they call him) scored 9 goals for Parma (during 4 months!). He did a great job helping his side stay at Serie A and was declared by newspapers as Small Great Rossi, bless him. Some of the goals are pure beauty, the boy has talent. Here are 7 of his 9 goals.

Btw, the song is "Mambo Italiano" by "New Paisans"

Giuseppe was named "Best young player of the season 06-07" by Sky Sports and received a couple of prizes from fans.

Sorry for spamming :)
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30 May 2007 @ 05:27 am
Hi! It was a surprise to find a community on Giuseppe, he is so talented and gorgeous. But it's a shame that such community's empty.
We had couple of picspams in our community, I'll just post the links if that's OK.
First, these are the userpics posts (there's not only Giuseppe, but other people as well): one, two, three.


Feel free to take them, and comments and credit if taking are always nice.

And the three picspams.

There's not only Giuseppe but Gerard Pique as well, but what can we do - we're a slash community and they seemed to be together like constantly xD
Part 1 (Pique & Rossi, but not together), part 2 (of the same picspam, more slashy this time), and part 3. Neither of pics are mine, well, how can they be, really. All the comments are in Russian, but they're not that important.
Picspams, probably, aren't dialup-friendly.

Hope you don't mind slash. If it's against the rules, feel free to delete the post.
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